Our Commitment To Safety

Our employees matter and safety is our top priority. Construction is dangerous and part of our responsibility involves identifying risks and implementing proactive measures against them.

Safety is part of our everyday culture and we are continually enhancing our policies ensuring everyone from executive management to the newest employee, follows those policies and understands the importance of maximizing workplace safety and health.

Southeastern Mechanical, Inc. operates on four basic safety principles:

We value our employees and their safety above all else.

We are personally accountable for our own – collectively responsible for each other’s safety.

All injuries, incidents and accidents are preventable.

By committing to safety first, we advance our goals for quality, cost and schedule.

Southeastern Mechanical, Inc. commits to daily safety processes and programs to ensure that our employees have the training, tools, and time to do their jobs safely. Part of our safety program’s foundation is the ability to recognize, evaluate and control hazards and risks on the job site. To accomplish this, Southeastern Mechanical, Inc.’s commitment to safety includes:

  • A 100% drug-free workplace program
  • New hire safety orientation
  • A detailed safety manual with employee training guidelines
  • All Superintendents have completed the OSHA 30-hour Construction Safety training and are CPR/first aid certified
  • Daily Pre-Task Safety Planning meetings on all jobsites
  • Weekly toolbox safety talks on all jobsites
  • Regular jobsite safety inspections
  • A safety committee to identify and address safety concerns and suggestions

While our quality and productivity are critical to the success of Southeastern Mechanical, Inc. they will never take precedence over protecting our strongest assets – our employees and the environment in which we work.