Justin Sanford

Project Manager


Justin Sanford is a Project Manager for Southeastern Mechanical Inc.


I manage projects from roof-top  HVAC equipment replacements to multi-story complete mechanical/Plumbing systems from the ground up. I handle all material, equipment, scheduling, estimating, and manpower for each project I oversee.   I started in the field in 2003 as a helper.  I quickly realized that this was the path I wanted to take and joined the Plumbing Apprenticeship program followed by the HVAC apprenticeship.  I started running work and closing out projects in 2012.  I was promoted to Project Manager in 2018.  I strive to find solutions on projects rather than giving out problems.   I have a passion for our guys in the field and what they do every day. In my opinion, the best way to manage people is to have experienced what they are up against.  On the weekends you can find me enjoying a delicious beer at one of our local breweries or building amateur woodworking projects in my garage.